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Timeline for Steps to College


In summary, here's a timeline recap of the "common" steps to college (But not the only way. Let the Lord direct your paths).

7th-8th Grades 

Research careers/vocations, institutions/colleges, record keeping/transcript methods (especially if any high school work is to be done in 8th grade). Research preferred institutions to see their "ideal" student requirements for entrance and scholarships. Research their admission requirements for homeschoolers. Begin planning the high school basic core and elective structure to optimize high school for your child.
(Recheck this information yearly as colleges can change requirements with each new academic year).

8th-9th Grade

Begin portfolio and high school record keeping. Set overall high school goals. 

10th Grade

Take PSAT if not used for merit scholarship but SAT prep.Gather scholarship information. 

11th Grade

Take PSAT if used for merit scholarship. Take SAT or ACT. Look for scholarships. Visit colleges and gather admissions, scholarship, and financial aid paperwork for 12th grade submissions noting all important deadlines for each college. 

12th Grade 
September-October: Take SAT or ACT again if needed to improve scores. Begin college admissions/scholarship paperwork. 

October 1st: File the FAFSA for financial aid using last year's tax return numbers. Work carefully. If amended, re-file the FAFSA application as early as possible to keep your student in line for money and to have time to file additional documents if asked to verify.


November: Common early admissions and scholarship deadline.


February: Consider enrolling in a spring term PCC class to be in the earlier returning student registration block if needing a popular fall course.**

February-March: Common deadline of many colleges for financial aid paperwork and scholarship applications.

April-early May through mid-summer

Examine college/vocational acceptance offers. Note deadlines and any additional requirements for admissions and financial aid acceptance. Note housing arrangement deadlines.


Portland Community College Enrollment**

Complete online enrollment, take the PCC new student placement tests (may be waived if ACT or SAT scores are sufficient), and attend the required student orientation. Homeschooled students must also submit a notification letter from their ESD. All steps must be completed before you can register for classes.

February: Registration opens for spring classes.


May: Registration opens for summer classes.

August: Registration opens for fall classes. Consider taking a spring term class to get into the earlier registration block for returning students if you need to complete fall pre-requisites for a popular PCC technology program. Many programs have a winter or spring application deadline. 


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