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Currently, Oregon requires testing of home schooled children at ending grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. Only approved standardized tests may be used, and such tests must be given by a certified test provider. (The OSAT tests administered in public schools are not an approved test as they are not nationally normed.)

We have summarized the current law more fully on our Know the Law page. If your child struggles to pass the standardized tests at the 15th percentile, please see that section for more information about addtional requirements and our Counseling section below for those who may provide educational help.


Certified Test Givers

Basic Skills which has provided support for the homeschool community for over thirty years offers testing services at various locations and dates throughout the metro area. (Portland metro)

Making Home School Fun provides low-stress style testing through the efforts of certified test provider Justine Gamble. (Beaverton-Tigard-Hillsboro areas)

Megan Nixon provides certified individual and group testing at her home location in Hillsboro. Please contact her at megan@homeschoolsupportservice.com

Write Worthy offers achievement testing for grades 2-12, in a small group setting, from May through August. Write Worthy also offers workshops to parents to help them teach their children writing. (Beaverton) Update Feb 2019: Write Worthy has suspended its testing services until further notice.

For more test providers, please contact your local Educational Service District for a list of current test providers.

(chart of ESD offices.)


The Oregon Department of Education also supplies testing rules and registered test takers.


Basic Skills provides educational counseling, high school oversight, and onsite classes. They can also help parents adapt an IDP for children with special learning needs.

Blueberry House Tutoring provides one on one tutoring for children with ADHD and dyslexia. 

Assistive Learning Technology Consulting LLC provides consultation, training, and advocacy services on assistive technology (AT) for students who have learning difficulties and/or attention issues. AT uses both high tech and low tech tools to help children learn better. The end results are students who experience greater independence, increased skills in their focus areas, and are able to demonstrate proficiency to their teachers. Please contact them for more information or a free 20 minute consultation on how AT could help your child. Located in Corvallis but will travel.

Contact NATHHAN for help in finding a local counselor for children with special learning needs.

Homeschooling with Disabilities

OCEANetwork offers suggestions and guidance for those homeschooling children who have special needs. Oregon allows both a public school supervised Independent Development Program (IDP) or a privately supervised Personalized Development Plan (PDP). You can also see the Oregon statute summary of those plans from the Oregon Department of Education.


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