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Helpful Links to Aid Your Lessons

Links come and go, but these helpful sites have proven faithful friends over the years.


Dad's Worksheets allows you to print a multitude of math worksheets for K-8 for free.

Donna Young's site provides coloring sheets and worksheets for many topics (including great animal units). Lesson planners are provided as well. Once free, recently has become subscription only, but for less than $25 a year for the basic subscription which accesses many of her great worksheets.

K12Reader provides free to print worksheets for language arts (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing composition).

Kahn Academy a secular non-profit, provides free online teaching videos for many subjects great to fill in gaps or refresh rusty skills. We've especially enjoyed the high school math.

Homeschool Pop on youtube produces a great assortment of educational videos for children covering a variety of topics.

Homeschool Share List of 90+ Free Lapbooks to print.

Math-Aids can dynamically generate free math drill sheets. Choose by topic area and problem type. Limitless sheets generated for any math area K-8.

Oregon Trail online game is the original MECC version. Enter your name, choose names of your party, read up on options for the Oregon trail, head down the trail from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon in a great interactive game. Be forewarned dangers (of the virtual online kind) are ahead. A homeschool favorite.

SciShow for Kids produces educational videos for kids on youtube. Overall good secular videos that cover a wide range of science topics in digestible segments.

Shmoop is a free secular study guide site for a multitude of literature books. Great for the high school lit study.

Smile and Learn produces educational videos for the younger set great for many topics. Combine with a Donna Young worksheet for a quick lesson.

Sparks Notes, provides secular study guides for hundreds of literature including plot summaries, character analyses, and more. Great for the high schooler in the family.

Super Teacher Worksheets provides thousands of printable activities and worksheets, some for free, covering all topic areas including geography maps to print. Limitless printing and many printables availabe for annual membership of $24.95.

Tlsbooks offers a variety of free printable worksheets to use at home or in the classroom. You'll find thousands of worksheets appropriate for students in preschool through sixth grade. 

Teachers Pay Teachers  provides free and for pay  (typically very economical) worksheets, thematic units, and lapbook templates for every subject type.

Worksheet Works provides thousands of worksheets, some for free, including hard to find geography maps. Limitless printing for members at only $14.95 annual subscription.

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