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Extracurricular Clubs


Below is a list of existing extracurricular clubs that have had programs found to be helpful by many homeschoolers.

American Heritage Girls Club  a Christ-centered, non-profit scouting organization, offering a wholesome scouting program for girls, ages 5 to 18. Their website describes how to charter your own troop.  There are numerous troops within our Portland metro area.  See the national website to locate a troop near you.    

Beaverton Homeschool Debate & Speech Club trains high school homeschoolers to be better communicators for Christ. Our club offers both theory classes and competitive rounds in policy debate, platform speeches, and apologetics, at their Beaverton location. No competitive travel required. Open to all homeschooling teens ages 14-18.

Chess Odyssey Club  provides chess clubs and summer camps at various locations for kids of all ages. 

4H Clubs   Many homeschoolers have enjoyed participating in 4H or creating their own 4H clubs.  There are a lot of activity areas to choose from science technology to agriculture to crafting. Participants have the opportunity to display their work at the county fair with winners eligible for  the state fair in Salem. Becoming a leader is easy, and your family and friends can become a club .Programs are available for grades k-12. Contact the Extension agent to locate an established club, or start your own.

Clackamas County 4H club

Multnomah County 4H Extension Office

Washington County 4H Clubs 

FIRST LegoRobotics and FIRST Tech Clubs (ORTOP)  The goal of FIRST is to introduce the field of engineering to school-aged children through age-specific leagues: Junior Lego League ages 6-9; the First LegoRobotics League (FLL)  ages 9-14;  First Tech League (FTC) ages 14-18. Teams can be formed within a family, group of friends, homeschool support group, or neighborhood. An established local team, the Metal Beavers, is located in SE Portland and accepts homeschoolers.


Future Stars is a youth communication and leadership club open to all middle school and high school aged kids.  It is based upon the Toastmasters model (Beaverton area)


Junior Audubon Club   The Audubon Society of Portland provides a clubs for children and volunteer opportunities for teens. (West Portland)


National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) is a national speech and debate league for home schooled students (a minimum of 51% homeschooling time is required). Oregon is part of a western region of states. Students may participate at state, regional, and national levels. Extensive travel is required for advancement. Over the years, local clubs have arisen. Check the national website for information.

STOA is another national Christian speech and debate league which has local clubs and regional competitions. Visit the main website to locate a chapter near you.


Village Home Education Center provides a number of extracurricular opportunities from LegoRobotics, Scripts Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, Chess Clubs, etc. Village Home is a secular, co-operative/private school hybrid with classes and activities for its members and some classes and activities for the general homeschool community. (Beaverton, Portland, Salem)


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