The CHOC Board is a directory of educational resources with help articles and an interactive forum for families homeschooling in the Portland, Oregon, metro area.  

 I offer homeschooling how-to consultations, for a reasonable fee, to help you begin homeschooling, especially now during this COVID 19 educational interruption.  "Just Contact Us"

Please see our directory pages for listings of local activities and resources.

Our forum contains announcements of timely opportunities posted by our community members.

Please contact us if you would like a permanent directory listing or would like to recommend changes.

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Each family should verify the appropriateness of any resource or activity listed on our site for your family's tastes and safety.

The CHOC Board is provided through volunteered time and effort of Tammy Arp. I value your input to help keep the directory current with the best opportunities in our area. I will respond to submission suggestions and corrections as quickly as able. My heart is to help every parent that wants to homeschool to do so.

Tammy Arp, Editor

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